Public Plaza, Library, Community Center, and Vertical Park Underneath the Manhattan Bridge, New York, New York
Thesis Project at The Cooper Union Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Leeser

The project aimed to re-inhabit the vacant, deserted space created at the turn of the century by the insertion of the Manhattan Bridge into the city fabric of New York. The strategy was to acknowledge the presence of the bridge and make it the central focus of the complex, preserving the unique spatial and formal qualities of a place inhabited for over 100 years at the scale of infrastructure rather than building. Instead of filling the empty space, the buildings define its boundaries. The space below the bridge remains a void, yet acquires new function and program, becoming once again a part of the city. The relationship between interior and exterior space, especially the idea of housing something that exists on the outside, emerged as major themes in the project.


Project Year: 2007