Stair Cabins, Watershed Estate, Lew Beach, New York

Stair cabins are proposed to allow for an increased volume of visitors to the Watershed property.  In order to maintain the feeling of the existing meadow and the original structures, new construction is required to exist within the tree line.  Three constraints follow:  the forested portion of the property is a rapid ascent to the ridgeline, requiring a vertical, stepped approach; the pervasive tree canopy limits the amount of direct sunlight, suggesting an open perimeter to absorb light from the surrounding forest; the prevalence of massive boulders and rock protuberances populating the hillside require a shifting footprint.  With these directives, a flexible and modular house typology was developed. 

Stair Cabins Drawings.jpg
Stair Cabin Interior.jpg

Project Year: 2017 (ongoing)
Project Phase: Concept Design
Project Team: Peter Ballman and Dasha Khapalova, Dhyan Sharma